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The Training of New Managers

In this section is to be found all the information relative to the cycles of training activity for the managers directly recruited by the single Administrations by means of specific public competitions.

Ongoing Training

The SNA’s ongoing training activity is aimed at public sector managers and officials with the objective of fostering growth and professional updating, as a support for the change processes of the public administrations.

The public administrations change because the national and international context in which they operate changes, because the social players, the economic and supranational subjects make demands and impose choices that cannot be ignored, and because technological innovations inevitably affect the administrative processes too.

La Formazione E-learning

Per formazione e-learning si intende una particolare metodologia di apprendimento on line, formazione a distanza (FAD), che permette di attivare una capillare attività di formazione su tutto il personale pubblico a tutti i livelli con maggiore facilità rispetto alla formazione di tipo tradizionale.

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