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OECD Governance Programme for the Middle East and North African countries

MENA-OCSE Governance Programme Training Centre - Caserta

Executive Director: undefinedProf. Maurizio Mensi

The undefinedMENA-OECD Governance Programme Training Centre was established in 2012 by the undefinedOECD and the Italian National School of Administration (undefinedSNA), to support the public administrations of Middle East and North African countries and promote initiatives for capacity building in order to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in the public sector and foster Good Governance.

The Centre is hosted by the SNA in the prestigious setting of its training centre in the undefinedRoyal Palace in Caserta. It is part of the MENA-OECD Governance Programme which fosters public sector reforms and strengthens international cooperation, supporting dialogue among public administrations to promote sustainable economic growth in the MENA Region.

The Training Centre is also part of the Action Plan on Open Governance and Anticorruption of the Deauville Partnership for Arab Countries in Transition (Governance Pillar).

Following the renewal of the cooperation agreement signed by undefinedMr. Jeffrey Schlagenhauf, Deputy Secretary-General of the OECD, and undefinedProf. Stefano Battini, President of SNA, undefinedProf. Maurizio Mensi has been appointed as the new Executive Director of the Centre.

From 2020 onwards the Centre is planning a series of activities, ranging from training courses to seminars, conferences and events to be held in Rome and Caserta as well as online through webinars and elearning activities.

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